Location and Orientation

While choosing an apartment in Bakuriani the following should be considered:

  • Location
  • Orientation

The territory should be examined during the daytime as well as in the evening to find out whether it is sunny or not. In case sun rays do not reach the territory after 3:00 p.m. in winter, the apartments there are likely to be cold, dark and have a negative impact on your health. Sun lit apartments are least likely to be contaminated with bacteria.  

Besides, a properly selected apartment needs less electricity and natural gas to provide for heating. Thus in the end it will prove to be cost-effective as well, as the amount of solar heat and light allowed in your apartment is inversely proportional to the increase in your expenses on electricity and natural gas.

You should examine the territory for its exposure to landslides or waterlogging and that it is not prone to get bogged up.  In spring, as a result of melting of a large mass of snow, certain areas become exposed to landslides and lowlands get bogged up.

Bakuriani is one of the four season resorts. that gives you the opportunity to spend your holidays and enjoy your stay here any time throughout the year: Essential benefits include but are not limited to enjoying winter sports included skiing in winter,  blossoming of fir trees in spring,  breathing a lot of oxygen and escaping the heat of summer.

You should find an appropriate place for a good holiday. A place a bit far from the centre is always a good choice, where you will not be disturbed by usual crowds and extra noise characteristic to seasonal resorts and at the same time have an easy access to entertaining facilities.


Building Technology

While choosing an apartment in Bakuriani you should consider building technology, in particular:

  • wall thickness
  • thermal insulation
  • the quality of windows
  • thermal insulation and waterproofing of roof

It is recommended to ensure that the specific building standards of Bakuriani are met, Seasonal Temperature Variations  characteristic to Bakuriani (+300 in summer, -250 in winter) are considered.

Insulated walls and double-glazed windows are essential for minimizing a heat loss.

Infrastructure should be examined: High-quality roads, comfortable yards, playgrounds and Landscaping. Most importantly the distance between neighbouring buildings should not be less than 15 meters.