• Southern Slope

One of the main advantages of Villa Monte is that it is situated on the southern slope, providing illumination of the apartments by sunlight during most of the daytime hours. The south side of Villa Monte faces a wide, open space, devoid of obstacles that might deter sunlight from reaching the apartments, which is essential during the winter season.

You can find all the ski pistes winding down the northern slope. Because sun rays cannot reach this slope after 4:00 p.m. in winter and the snow there doesn’t melt. The ropeway service does not stay open after 5:00 p.m.

  • Proximity to Forest

The territory of Villa Monte, partially encroached on the forest land, is located on a sloping terrain providing cozy and comfortable conditions. Besides being the source of fresh air, the forest adds to the feeling of comfort and tranquillity. The Plateau provides the most beautiful view of the whole area of Bakuriani.

  • Cozy Atmosphere

The noise of Bakuriani cannot reach Villa Monte, though it is not far from the centre. That makes the place ideal for holidaymakers.

Villa Monte is located only two kilometres away from Kokhta Station (about a four minute drive);  2.2  kilometres away from “25-ianebi” (about a four minute drive); and 1.7 kilometres away from Bakuriani Park (about a three minute drive).